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Prefer a fancy haircut for your furry friends? Or a regular haircut for daily outings? Get it all done at Mr Coco Pet Hotel and Spa! Our groomers are all industrial trained who has years of experience cutting all breeds of dogs. Come talk to us to find out which style best suits your furry baby!


Natural Spa

Our Spa offers the most luxurious treatments for your furry kids. Using only the best natural ingredients curated from across the globe, we pamper your furry kids to the extent most humans will be jealous of. Different essential oils and active ingredients will benefit your furry kids in a different way, from calming their mood, to helping with skin troubles, insect repelling, helping with immune system, digestive system and breathing systems and many more.

Talk to our in house Spa Therapist to customise the perfect Spa session to pamper your precious furry kid!

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